The step by step system for generating leads, booking appointments and making more sales to achievers who want bigger results faster.

We’ve taken Eric Lofholm’s Sales Academy system and created an accelerated Eric Lofholm Inner Circle program for sales superstars who want more sales tools and a program that will get them results…faster.

The Eric Lofholm Inner Circle program is based on a foundation of common sense principles and strategies that you can apply in a methodical way to make selling simpler and most importantly predictable.

Improve Your Inner Game

Learn how to conquer your conscious and unconscious fears around selling.  

You’ll cultivate a positive mindset and get your thought habits under control. 

Know how to get yourself back on track quickly any time you find yourself (…)

Increase Your Sales

Get the resources and systems you need to take yourself to the next level.  

Become the top producer you are destined to be.  

Whether you are sales professional, a business owner selling any product in any market this system will work for you.

Live A Life You Enjoy

Experience more freedom.

Become debt free, make more money so you can pay off those debts.

Create a brighter future by being able to fund your retirement.

Eric Lofholm’s Inner Circle System will become second nature to you.

You will find yourself easily conversing with your clients about their needs and offering them solutions to their problems and never once feeling as if you are “being a salesman”.

Watch this video where Kevin Hudoba shares his results

Success Story: Kevin Hudoba

In Kevin’s first year working with Eric’s Inner Circle System he was able to take his already successful real estate business to another level!

Ready to Accelerate Your Business and Sales to the Next Level?

Eric Lofholm’s Inner Circle is the perfect program if you are a driven sales professional or business owner looking to increase their confidence, make more sales, and increase commissions.

Perhaps you are ready to stand out and shine on the sales team by achieving your lifelong goal of becoming a top producer, or you need the skills to craft a powerful sales presentation and be able to sell any product in any market.

No matter which reason fits you best, Eric Lofholm’s Inner Circle Program will help you achieve your goals.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 24 core modules
  • Recorded Video
  • Templates
  • Sample Sales Scripts
  • 1:1 Private Inner Circle Coaching Calls
    • Focusing on helping you navigate the curriculum
    • You’ll get additional accountability to get results quickly
    • Help to create your personalized sales scripts
    • Coaching that will help you work through blocks to your success in the program

Plus bonuses worth over $2500

  • 2 day live boot camp – Value $997
  • Virtual 2 day boot camp – Value $497
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls – Value $997

“I have had so much success working with Eric Lofholm, it’s hard to narrow down what part of his program has been the most impactful. I started working with Eric on a one-on-one basis, and he encouraged me to hire my first salesperson. I now have a multi-level sales team that is producing five figures per month in new revenue! Eric took me from a novice salesperson to a sales manager! I am a part of his Guaranteed Results program, and the regular accountability has been a huge driver of my success. I have enrolled my entire sales team in his program and it is so fun to see them grow!

Eric has, without a doubt, changed my business for the better.”

~ Alex Branning

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. Introduction: We’ll show you how to get off to a good start using the Inner Circle System and get the most out of the program
  2. Sale Mindset: Mastering the inner game of selling. Our society has negative views on selling that stops us for even asking for the sale. In this module you learn how to sell from the heart and move your prospect into action that benefits THEM.
  3. Generating Unlimited Leads: Here we focus on the strategies and systems you need to generate leads. You’ll develop Lead generating goals then measure track and review your results.
  4. Setting Appointments: A critical skill you need to master for successful sales. Appointments are the catalyst that will skyrocket your sales results. We’ll teach you the tactical side of setting appointments, what you say, when you say it, how you say it and much more that will get appointments on your calendar.
  5. Sales Outlines: Create a sales outline that helps your business grow by leaps and bounds. The easiest way to persuade or influence your prospects is being clear on what they and then give it to them. In this module you’ll create a sales plan and an outline that helps you provide value for your prospects and clients.
  6. 7 Step Script Writing Process: Effective sales scripts have 2 components – language and structure. IN this module you’ll learn how to write scripts that naturally sets the stage for a powerful close.
  7. Sales Scripting: Sales scripting is the most powerful way for you to improve your presentation results. You’ll create sales scripts that will make you more confident, consistent and add more value to you clients.
  8. Closing the Sale: within your sales scripts there are a variety of closing techniques you can use. You’ll learn techniques for setting up and delivering the close.
  9. Objection Handling: Overcoming objections can one of the most challenging parts of the sales process. You’ll learn how to comfortably overcome sales objections. You’ll come away with powerful ideas on how to effortlessly anticipate and handle every objection that comes up.
  10. How to open the sales call: Learn how to masterfully build instant trust and rapport with your prospects and clients. These two things are the cornerstone of the sales process. You’ll know how to quickly reduce resistance and increase your sales.
  11. Storytelling: Build value in your sales presentation with success stories because nothing sells like success. You’ll create powerful stories that you can add to your sales presentation.
  12. Follow up and Referrals: Stop leaving money on the table, there is money to be made in the follow up. Your prospects don’t always buy when they are supposed to. In this module you learn how to make more sales with an effective follow up system.
  13. Lifetime Client Map: Create a strategy that will get you more repeat business from your existing clients
  14. GSA – Goal, Strategy, Action: How to Think Like Steve Jobs. Goal setting is one of the most endorsed and misunderstood personal development ideas. You’ll learn now to ask yourself what you want, develop a strategy and take massive action to make things happen.
  15. Webinars and Public Speaking: How to plan, market and structure a talk that closes sales. Webinar best practices and the right technology to make the process seamless.
  16. List Building: It’s never to early or too late to build your list. Your database of names is one of your most important and valuable assets. We’ll show you how to accelerate your list building efforts.
  17. Leverage: The in’s and out’s of using technology to accelerate your business
  18. Lifetime of Motivation
  19. Advanced Productivity Tips: Time tested productivity and time management tips and strategies to keep you focused and moving forward in your business.
  20. The Mindset of Inner Circle: The next level of mindset training that will get help to 10x your sales efforts.
  21. Creating a Sales Funnel: The right mix of high-level strategy and low-level tactics to help you create a solid playbook if you are looking to make your online business a profitable one. Once you have implemented what we teach you here, you won’t have to rebuild everything again, because you’ll have done it right the first time.
  22. Joint Ventures: Use leverage to achieve massive results. We’ll show you how to create your own army of sales people ready to promote your product and services. You’ll learn to find and engage and get affiliates and JV Partners.
  23. Creating a Vision – The Z Strategy: Eric’s effective 4 step strategy that once implemented it allows you to attract success at a much higher level. Clean Slate Thinking allows you to create a clean slate where can craft a brand new vision which enables you to create a space to enroll others into it. It’s the same strategy that Eric uses successfully create his personal vision and programs.
  24. Publishing: Want to write and publish your own book? We’ll show you simple, smart strategies to getting it done.

Eric Lofholm Inner Circle