One way to establish credibility as an expert in your field is to get published. Years ago if you wanted to get published you would have to influence someone at a magazine, radio station or TV station that your content was worth publishing. Now you can be your own magazine, radio station or TV station.

You can publish your articles on LinkedIn. You can publish your video on YouTube. You can publish your audio content on podcasts.

Here’s the concept. Do a daily podcast. Record a 3-7 minute podcast. By doing that once a day, for one year, five days a week, 50 weeks a year, you’re going to have 250 recorded podcasts one year from today. Then, you’re going to repurpose that podcast, and you’re going to transcribe it, and turn that podcast into an article. The way you’re going to efficiently do that is you’re going to go to, R-E-V dot com, and you’re going to upload the audio file that you created for the podcast, and they’re going to transcribe it, and they’re going to turn that job around in 24 hours or less.

You’re then going to take that article, and you’re going to publish it on your LinkedIn profile. One year from today, you’ll have 250 published articles. Then, you’re going to take that audio file, and you’re going to attach a still image to it, and you’re going to upload it to your YouTube channel. One year from today, your YouTube channel will be populated with 250 videos. One year from now, follow the simple instructions that I’m giving you right now, and you’ll have 250 podcasts, 250 articles published on your LinkedIn profile, and 250 videos published on your YouTube, and you can do all of that in less than 10 minutes a day. One thing that creates influence is quantity, so when you have 250 podcasts one year from today, you’re going to have a certain number of listens to that podcast. Your LinkedIn profile is going to look absolutely extraordinary. Your YouTube channel is going to have these 250 videos on it, and your YouTube channel is also going to have a huge number of views on it.  Now, you’ll likely do other videos on your YouTube channel beyond these 250.

Now, I want to take you 10 years into the future. 10 years into the future you now have 2500 podcasts, 2500 articles, 2500 videos on your YouTube channel. Let’s take you 20 years into the future; 5000 podcast episodes, 5000 articles, 5000 YouTube videos. I plan on being in business for another 29 plus years, so that will be close to 7500 podcasts, 7500 articles, and 7500 videos on my YouTube channel. Quantity isn’t everything, but it absolutely does impact influence.

You can see how I have implemented this idea on my various platforms. Here are the links to view this. You can find my YouTube channel at You can find my LinkedIn at You can find my podcast at

Eric Lofholm

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