• Who is Eric Lofholm?
  • What Is The Trainer Program?
  • What Is Included?
  • How Do I Get Paid?
  • How Do I Apply?

Who Is Eric Lofholm?

I have been teaching sales skills to people all over the world since 1999. Here are some of the highlights of my career:

Taught thousands of people my proven sales ideas all over the world
Written 8 books that have all been best sellers on Amazon
Delivered over 3,000 speeches, conference calls and webinars on selling.
Created 10 home study courses on sales and success
Developed the Eric Lofholm Sales System
Has a vision to train and certify 1M in the Eric Lofholm Sales System

What others are saying about Eric Lofholm:

“Eric Lofholm is the real thing. His wisdom as a sales trainer stems from his success as a sales person. No theory…just solid sales advice that’s been proven to work.” – Tom Hopkins

“Eric Lofholm is an outstanding sales trainer!” – Ben Gay III

“I have met many masters – Eric Lofholm is definitely one of the greatest sales systems and sales training masters!” – Dame DC Cordova

“Eric Lofholm is the greatest sales trainer of his generation!” – Les Brown

“Eric Lofholm is the foremost sales trainer in America today. Eric is providing more truly high-quality sales training to more sales professionals than any other sales trainer in America today!” – Donald Moine, Ph.D. Sales and Marketing Psychologist, Author.

What Is The ELI Trainer Program?

The ELI Trainer Program is a unique opportunity to leverage the brand of Eric Lofholm International.
You can prospect any company in the world and leverage my brand, reputation, book, and credibility.
When you contact companies you can offer to do a free training for their sales team and earn income by promoting one of my Protégé Programs.
You can also offer to do a one-on-one consultation with the sales manager, VP of sales or owner and offer coaching or consulting.
In the program we will train you step-by-step how to build a sales training and sales coaching business.
We have provide online training, live event training as well as a manual that has step-by-step instruction on how to build your business.

What Is Included?

The rights to sell my 3 Protégé Programs as well as my Guaranteed Results Program Training manual that teaches you the business step-by-step.
Access to our online sales training modules.
Ticket to our 3-Day Trainer Boot Camp Access to a daily trainer call (Monday-Friday)

How do I get paid?

You receive 50% of all the Protégé sales and 20% of all Guaranteed Results sales that either you make or come in from your affiliate activity.
You receive 100% of all coaching sales that you make where you also deliver the coaching.
You receive 100% of all corporate training sales that you make where you also deliver the training.

How Do I Apply?

The application process is simple. Just fill out the form below. One of my friendly staff will contact you and answer any questions that you have. After you have had your questions answered if we both feel it is a fit then you can join the team.
What trainers are saying about the ELI Trainer Program:

“Prior to meeting Eric I had never done corporate training before. Now I regularly teach Eric’s sales principles in companies and I get to keep 100% of the money!” Anna Scheller

“I have always wanted to be a trainer. Prior to meeting Eric I didn’t know how to moneteize my expertise. Now I earn $150 per hour as a sales coach!” – Celia Habbaz

“Prior to joining the ELI Trainer Program I built a very successful network marketing business. With Eric’s help I now have a network marketing training company. I was able to take the skills I learned from Eric and the trainer program and build my own training company from scratch. One big thing is I now know how to do webinars!” – Judy O’Higgins

“I am 26 years old. When I meet Eric I was working a job full time. Since joining the ELI Trainer Program I have been able to quit my job and become a full time sales trainer and consultant. I also wrote a book and the trainer community helped push the book to #1 on Amazon in 2 categories. I now have a business I can make great money at!” – Stephanie Scheller

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