1. Would you like to learn how to effortlessly close sale after sale?
  2. Would you like to learn how to sell from a place of honesty and compassion?
  3. Would you like to learn to sell by serving others and adding value to your client?

Let me explain by sharing with you a little bit about my story.

My name is Eric Lofholm. 17 years ago I was on quota probation at my first sales job because I didn’t know how to sell. It wasn’t that I couldn’t sell, it was that I have never been properly trained.

With my back against the wall I had to learn how to sell…fast, if I wanted to keep my job. I was newly married at the time. I was so embarrassed for being on quota probation I didn’t even tell my wife. I hoped and prayed that a miracle would happen and I would somehow learn how to sell.

My prayers were answered!

The top producer in the company needed an assistant to travel with him on to his speaking engagements on the weekends. Although I wouldn’t be paid to help him I would receive training from him as well as access to some of the hottest leads in the company. I will never forget the moment he asked me if I would be his assistant. It took me less than a second to make up my mind.

The top producers name was Tony Martinez. By being his assistant I would get access to him on the airplane, during meals, and during driving trips to and from the airport. This is exactly what I needed, access to a Sales Expert.

As I began to work with Tony I learned that he learned how to be great at sales because he had a sales mentor that properly trained him. The sales expert that Tony had access to was Dr. Donald Moine, the world’s greatest sales mind. Dr. Moine taught Tony his sales system. Tony taught me what he learned from Dr. Moine.

Dr. Moine, in my opinion is the world’s foremost expert on sales, influence, persuasion, and sales scripting.

After being Tony’s assistant for a short period of time Tony introduced me to Dr. Moine. All three of us had a meal at one of the casino restaurants in Reno, Nevada. I remember being at that dinner feeling totally intimidated. Here I was the bottom producer at the company having a meal with the top producer and the world’s greatest sales mind. I did not speak unless I was spoken to at that meal.

Now with access to 2 sales experts and Dr. Moine’s system my sales started to increase. That month I was on quota probation I made quota by 1 sale. The quota was $10,000 in gross sales. I did $10,500. The following month I did $51,000! Seven months later I did $160,000. “Selling is a learned skill”.

Since learning Dr. Moine’s system over 17 years ago I have gone on to do millions in sales. More importantly I have duplicated myself in thousands of my students all over the world. Now it is your turn. It is your turn to have access to the most powerful sales system on the planet.

Imagine if I wrapped my sales system around you and you had the system for the rest of your career how much more successful would you be?

Think of all the stress that would disappear.
Think of how much more money you would make every month for the rest of your career.

But Eric what if I don’t like sales?

If you don’t like sales this program is perfect for you. I teach people selling equals service. I also teach people how to sell from honesty, integrity, and compassion.

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