You are about to embark on a prosperous sales journey, and I’m here to guide you every step of the way. Waiting for you within this site is EVERYTHING you need to be successful in sales and make as much income as you desire.

Mastering sales is one of the most important skills you can learn. Not only can it provide substantial increases in your income, it can significantly benefit your personal life as well. I’m looking forward to sharing with you key information about how to be successful in sales and business. I was able to have great success in sales, and countless other proteges have been able to obtain success, then its time that you too achieve great success in sales as well.

This page contains the core training modules for the Silver Protege, Gold Protege, and Platinum Protege programs. You will see complete training for your membership level with access to coaching calls, webinars, videos, audios, and documents. In this site you will also see excerpts of training in other membership levels with information on how to access the full training.

Now let’s get started!

Silver Protege

The Silver Protege training is the most powerful sales training system in the world. In Silver Protege you will learn how to effortlessly close sale after sale after sale. You will learn how to sell from a place of honesty and compassion. Silver Protege will make selling simple, easy, and effortless.

Gold Protege

Are you ready to blast through your sales and income goals in 2014? The Gold Protégé Program is designed to help you create revenue right now! It is the ultimate sales training system structured for people that want to achieve a breakthrough quickly.

Platnium Protege

Members of the Platinum Protege Program report dramatic increases in sales growth and increased self-confidence in the close. Many members experience a breakthrough in their business, developing the ability to create leverage by delegating functions and focusing on their strengths. This year long training and coaching program teaches Eric’s advanced sales techniques and distinctions. The program also provides information to lead and market your business more effectively. Members develop lifelong relationships by working with a success partner or with their mastermind group.