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Ready to increase your confidence, make more sales and become a top producer?  Eric’s Sales Coaches are hand selected and trained to give you better results faster using his proven sales training program.

23 years ago Eric met met Dr. Moine (Dr. Moine is his mentor who taught him his sales system which changed his  life forever).  Eric took what he learned from Dr Moine and rose from mediocre producer (he was put on probation due to low sales numbers) to #1 Sales producer for Dante Perano.  

From there Eric went on to work with Tony Robbins and quickly became the #1 sales professional on his team.

Eric has taken his experience and used it to create a sales training system that has helped him to become one of the top sales trainers in America today.

For  the right person your life could transform just like Eric’s has as a result of getting the right coaching that will accelerate your results.

Eric Lofholm is the Og Mandino of our age!

The leading trainer on sales and closing alive globally.

– Berny DOHRMANN Chairman CEO Space

Key Benefits of Coaching

  • Increase your confidence. For those of you who are afraid of sales, Eric takes his wisdom and experience and provides the tools to shift your mindset until you realize that sales is simply about service.
  • Make more sales, increase your commissions.  Eric divides sales into three simple steps: 1) inner game; 2) outer game; and 3) taking action. Inner game is your mindset; outer game is your business systems; and taking action is mainly, well… taking action.
  • Shine on your sales team.  Step by step blueprint for business success with everything you need to know in order to get more sales. This will change the way you look at selling, as well as every interaction you have.
  • Become a top producer. Get access to Eric’s simple to understand, instantly applicable system that can help you find success in an ever changing world economy.
  • Know to craft a presentation and sell any product in any market.  You’ll walk away with personalized sales scripts for your current business and once completed, you will never have to create them again.
  • The methodology we teach works in for any product in any industry.  Many business owners do not realize this, but if you are in business, then you are in sales.  You’ll walk away with a sales system built that works no matter what industry you work in.

This is for you if you are…

  •  A top producer
  • A sales professionals who wants elite coaching
  • A business owner who want to take their company’s revenue to the next level with your company revenue
  • A speaker and you want to build a million dollar+ speaking empire

Eric is only able to work with a small number of go-getters on an annual basis.

Coaching 1:1 with Eric requires an investment of 12K for a year.

30 Minutes Could Change Your Life

Schedule your Introductory Call With Eric’s Sales Success Team

Schedule Your Complimentary Session

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